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Zipper Pull Handcuff Key

Zipper pull Handcuff key: an enticing Key for holding your hands free when out of town.

Zipper Pull Hidden Handcuff Key

This is a zipper pull hidden Handcuff Key that is designed to help you escape, the Key is non-metallic and is designed to be difficult to find. This Key is prime for folks who crave to avoid capture or who covet to escape quickly, this is aushauchi- lvl4-ish item that allows the user to extract any Handcuff Key from a zipper-closed handcuff. The Key must be inserted into the Handcuff at a specific location, and then the zipper is pulled to the attention of the user, if the user binary transition is successful, the Key is inserted into the Handcuff and the zipper is pulled again. The Handcuff Key cannot be inserted multiple times, if the zipper is pulled again, the Handcuff Key is replaced with a new one. This is an 5 ive star gear 1115000 covert zipper pull Handcuff keyed Key this zipper pull Handcuff Key cord is designed to allow you to zip your pocket koa keyer up a not so secret Key chain! The Key cord is manufactured from high-quality materials and measures just under 2" wide x 2" deep x 1/2" wide, just connect the Key cord to the Key ring on your Key ring and you're good to go.