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Wholesale Zipper Pulls

Looking for a way to increase your ecommerce sales? by shopping for our zipper pulls you'll get 12 pieces of slider pulls that will make your sale process easier and more efficient. Made from high quality gold metal jacket zippers, these pulls are sure to get you out of any sellable first step. Plus, their stylish design will no doubt make you stand out from the crowd.

Wholesale Zipper Pulls Target

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Top 10 Wholesale Zipper Pulls

The 12 pieces slider pulls are a great way to make your zipper pulls look their best. They are made of heavy weight, nickel metal jacket zippered fabric and have a comfortable feel to them. They are 16" l x 16" w x 1" h. The size is 5. this is a 5 c coil non-locking zipper pull. It contains 12 slide degrees. It is a black only lot. this wholesale zipper pulls is a great way to get your next product on the market. This team of zipers can be used to help move goods around your store or office. The pull handles are also comfortable for anyone to use and can make pulling items off of shelves difficult. our zipper pulls are a perfect choice for a high-quality, durable metal teeth pulls. With 4. 5" diameter and 3" ofements, these pulls are sure to last. The white donut shape is perfect for any rituals or sign language pulls.