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Disney Zipper Pulls

Our pulls are splendid for your next purchase! With our keychain add on clips, you can add a bit of luxury to your wardrobe.

Mickey Mouse Zipper Pull

This is an 2-in-one keychain add-on for the mickey mouse series, it is a pink bowknot charm zipper pull, which will add an additional zippered compartment to your keychain complete with a pink mouse. This product also comes with 2 pc's of each other, which is really exciting, this is a Disney tinker bell zip code pull chain add on clip. It is a good for that little bit of money that you can't find everywhere, it is a best-in-class add on for individuals that appreciate Disney characters. This keychain features a Disney castle on a pink zip-up shirt, the logo is a heart-shaped zigzag strip with a blue Disney logo above it. The zigzag is attached to a red the body of the keychain, it presents a small Disney movie theater in the background and the text " Disney zipper pull" in a small loop at the top. There are three striping around the edge of the keychain, and a small Disney logo in the center, our Disney zipper pulls are top-of-the-line for your keychain add ons! They are made of durable materials and come with 2 pcs. Which makes them top-notch for your keychain, also, they are zipper pulls, which means that you can open them up and extract the chipmunks with ease.